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The Bedson Timbers division comprises of three operating divisions with each endeavoring to supply both the local and overseas markets optimally. The Wholesale division, Retail division and Value-added.

In addition to the Bedson Timbers’ South African interests, the business is furthermore comprised of Mifensur Forestall S.A., situated in Uruguay and Wood Products S.R.L. in Argentina. Its Uruguayan operations include the 2000 ha planted eucalyptus under strict Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) specifications. Its Argentinean operations, together with its processing capacity in South Africa, provides for 40 000 m² where value is added to both harvested and procured timbers through processing activities. Bedson Timbers SA also has significant in-house drying capacity through its drying kilns where wet off saw timber is taken down to the requisite moisture content below 10%.

Its ability to procure the species through a vested and reliable supplier network and off its own plantations, matched with logistical capacity that ensures the timeous arrival of timber together with the in-house drying and processing capabilities, provides Bedson’s with a unique competitive advantage. It’s not limited to supplying off limited stock brought in by the container load. Through its supplier network, Bedson’s can obtain further stock of a given species off forest located in the same area to ensure colour and grain consistency. In addition, given its insistence on sustainable practices, its supplier network also harvest according to sustainable practices, policed by the relevant authorities in each timber producing location to therefore ensure the sustainability of both the source and supply. Furthermore, as a consequence of Bedson’s processing capacity, the quality of the componentry delivered is absolutely guaranteed and any deviation in quality can be rectified through Bedson’s directly. Replacements can again be taken off the same stock from which the original was manufactured or, stock off the same area can be acquired by Bedson, to supply to the replacement component. Local vendors without this capability are reliant on suppliers situated abroad. As a result, the customer has no flexibility in terms of choice and or replacement. Bedson’s supply chain provides for extensive flexibility across a number of fronts including supply, matching and manufacturing. A direct consequence of this flexibility is the ability that it provides architects and designers with tools that really explore unusual aesthetics and specify features that aren’t usually possible.
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