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bigBedson's processing facilities, focuses on the production of decking and flooring, moulded skirting and quarter rounds and are situated in Silverton Pretoria, together with extensive warehousing and soon to be completed showroom facilities and new corporate headquarters. Pivotal in Bedson's manufacturing process is both a Leadermac and Weinig Unimat Gold planer moulder, an optimising crosscut saw and an end matching machining platform.

The Leadermac Smartmac 524 five headed moulder provides for both the initial squaring to true of lengths entering it and the ripping to size of the length exiting the unit. Once the length has passed through the moulder, it is visually inspected to ensure which side is best. Throughout the entire machining process, the length is kept face-side up to assist in downstream grading processes and to ensure that the most attractive product possible, aesthetically spoken, exits the manufacturing process eventually. The Weinig Unimat Gold provides for both the plaining down to the required size of the length and also the application of the tongue and groove (T and G) profile through which the flooring is eventually locked into position. Upon exiting the Weinig, the length is again visually graded with all defects marked for removal during the crosscutting to size of the length. As a consequence of this grading process, Bedson's provide their timber in two grades to their customers, prime and natural. Prime grading designates timber as being free of any knots and or blemishes with consistent grain and colour throughout. The natural grading allows for more character in the timber.

Bedson's produces for both manufactured to order and stock purposes with a fine balance maintained between investment in raw product, stock, warehousing capacity and volumes.

Considering Bedson's stock of exotic and hardwood species, it can simply be described as sublime. Stocking in excess of 40 species, used for processing into the products indicated or supplied roughsawn to retail or direct to customers, Bedson's line-up is superb. Its not often that one has the opportunity to rub shoulders with the like of walnut, beech, cherry, maple, oak, mahogany, guajuvira, virapita and the like. The possibilities inherent to this treasure trove of timber are endless. .

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